A downloadable game

Early beta of Anton Island - a strategy platformer based on the universe of Antonball!

Patch 0.2 notes:

- More gameplay balancing tweaks

- Added simplified mouse controls

Added information slides

Patch 0.1 notes:

- Fixed keyboard controls in build mode

- Build mode is available at any time, instead of only in between waves

- Players can now get a new ball from Paul, using the skip command (R3 or 'Q')

- Added full screen mode (press 'F')

- Added difficulty modes: easy, normal and hard

- More music and sound added

- Block placement is more highlighted to increase visibility


Collect the 3 keys from the island to rescue the love of your life! Don't let the ballbusters get in your way!


- UI needs major revisions

- There is no death animation in the level

Controls (keyboard and mouse):

'Z' - start game / turn block

'X' - place block

'B' - toggle build mode

'M' - toggle map mode

'Q' - skip timer / get new ball

Mouse -  kick aiming

Left mouse button - jump

'A'  - move left

'D' - move right

'W' - swing forward

'S' - swing backward

Controls (PS controller):

start - start game / turn block

'X' - place block / jump

'O' - turn block

'[ ]' - toggle build mode

'/\' - toggle map mode

R3 - skip timer / get new ball 

Right joystick -  kick aiming / swinging

left dpad  - move left

right dpad - move right

'W' - swing forward

'S' - swing backward


antonisland_onlyboss.exe 13 MB
antonisland_onlyboss_infinitelives.exe 13 MB
bossclip.mp4 13 MB
antonisland_patch0.2.exe 17 MB